CarlR Bush Wookie 3 years ago

I can imagine this being an unpopular suggestion and one that probably wouldn’t be implemented, although I look forward to hearing what the average DayZ player thinks of this.

In short, my suggestion is that microphones should be forced on all the time. I don’t tend to play in a group anymore, so when I take on groups the battles can seem very lifeless; you don’t know what the other players are saying and have no clue of their tactics. It would also make tracking players easier and is something that would give a flaw to having large groups, if you have a loud player in the group he might give away positions along with the inability to conduct stealth. It would also make funny and interesting moments when you shoot, miss a player and they scream. I think this feature would put a check and balance on the power of group activity along with the clear advantage that skype gives off along with hostages calling in their friends without you knowing.

I do see some flaws with this however, feedback from microphones will give positions away which would be very unfair. Players could also just switch off their microphones not having to engage with this feature and the skype/teamspeak option is still on after death. It also discriminates against those who don’t have headsets or microphones; however, why a player has no microphone in DayZ is beyond me.

Let me know what you all think! I’m quite unsure on whether I like this feature or not as I do believe balances should be in the game but I still promote the realistic path DayZ is taking.