Birch Trees = Birch bark should be able to boil in cooking pot for herbal tea to help with health ,stamina and fight off sickness, Crafted into a hip or back quiver (players choice) for arrows capable of holding 20/25 arrows.

Chickens = we have many chickens in the game there should be eggs in the coops (good and bad) which can be boiled or fried and some Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, bear and maybe a Cougar or two.

Tanning Leather= we should be able to tan with hair on hide and make our clothing maybe a nice wolf faced hat, leather arrow quivers, boots with leggings etc.. Stationary interactive barrel at some of the barns so we can tan our leather without try to find the ever elusive barrels

The Bow = there should be more long or recurve bows in the game that can be Broken down to fit in back pack 1 x 3 slots like the pack shovel. And many other interactive real life possibility