Leclair Fresh Spawn 3 weeks ago

(PS4) Basebuilding/Faction Non-RP Chernarus Server

Howdy y’all! I’ll go ahead and get right into the meat of our server. We’ve got:

A robust management team to deal with inquiries at any time of day.

A server shop to purchase items in game from the admins using Chits, a currency tracked out of game in our Discord.

Three safe zones at the north, center, and southern parts of the map.

Basebuilding rules to ensure your camp won’t be steamrolled while you’re away/offline.

We want to cultivate an environment for players to be able to set up a home on the server, and rebuild Chernarus. There’s still heavy PvP, and a weekly death match event in Elektro.

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/7wQ2Ex4
Message anyone in server management for any inquiries. Thank you. 🙂