The crafting system has a lot of potential but doesn’t seem to be able to be utilised properly because the game set up is very short term with little incentive to play co-operatively and long term.

I personally would like to see the crafting system expanded and possibly include base building, I mean how cool would it be to be able to group up with friends and fortify a position, grow crops and tan hides etc, and use it to raid/scavenge surrounding areas, set up makeshift hospitals, farm animals .  It would also add an extra element to the game to be able to raid or defend bases and make group play more of a feature.

Maybe once a base gets to a certain level you could build/craft a respawn point so there was a benefit to building it.

Perhaps bigger servers could be set up to take this style of long game gameplay with smaller ones for more the style of current gameplay.


It really feels like the current dayz is so not fulfilling what it could be.