I’ve traveled around for about 5 hrs and noticed two major bugs that annoyed me. One, the Mp5 is still bugged and I hope this will be fixed before this hits stable. Two, cows, boars , and deer stay in one place and run . Other than this .60 is very promising. Keep on plowing these bugs devs!


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    I have to say my experience with 0.60 is really good and I also havent noticed anything major/ gamebreaking stuff in this build. FPS is really good, my performance has improved more than 3x and it just feels really good and responsive.

    I do have to say that the Hotbar still is unreliable in hectic situations, when you drag an item into your hands slot you will always equip that item 100% of the time. When you press the corresponding hotbar key you would have to press this button alot of times before anything happens.