The game is displaying on my second monitor.
On startup my game start on left primary monitor, and second monitor to my right is black. I fix it by changing resolution to windowed mode and i have my visibility back on second screen.

I CAN play like that but when I do recordings with shadow play I record all the task bar buttons and time and stuff as well.When I change back resolution my game pops up on right side monitor and I am then unable to record any game play as I record my desktop with my in game sounds (FRUSTRATING)

When I log out in windowed mode and start up the game again, pick a server and spawn I get these F\’ING HUGE ENORMOUS ( _ ) cross hairs. It literally fits around my characters head and it is insanely annoying

I CAN unplug my second monitor yes, BUT I cannot work without my second monitor as I use it for other purposes too. It is annoying to unplug, plug the entire time. Now to have to change my PC lifestyle because of a software glitch that there seems to be no credible fix for yet. This patch is out quite a few weeks now and someone must have found an answer, I mean the damn hackers are back all ready but my second monitor still does not work like I want it too


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    I sort of had that problem with a 3 monitor setup…monitors 1 and 2 for gaming/streaming etc similar to you, monitor 3 is for watching online tv on my 42″ HDTV. I had a problem where the game was starting on primary but then when it went fully into game it would show on monitor 3 (my HDTV). I tried several avenues of resolution – in the end I believe I sorted it by unplugging my HDTV cable from my card, restarted my PC and started the game up a couple of times to ensure it was on primary monitor. After shutting the game down I plugged my HDTV back in and started the game back up and it seems to have resolved this issue for me. Try this and see how it goes for you hopefully it should work.