I play mostly none KOS it makes it more interesting for me because I am making new friends across the world. When I play on the other servers, players seem to kill me instantly because I have no gear and am a easy kill. The other day on the no kos server I found a shed that had a wooden wall around it. The wall had tents across all of the openings in it and there is no way into the area. I ran into a player in the area and he told me that what is happening is that people play the friendly servers and gather up all the loot and then close off the area so no one can get in. Then they fully gear up and hop from this safe area to a kos server with that gear. They then get killed, spawn back in to their base on the non kos server gear back up and then spawn back to the other server fully geared while the rest of us are starting over again. I guess I have a problem with this, is this not cheating? Is this not the same as dupping gear? why should they get start out with the best horded gear after they are killed and lost everything on the kos server?  they should have to start over again like every one else.The other problem is why can you not cut through the canvas with a knife or ax. It is only cloth not wood or steal?  Has any one figured out how to raid these bases? It would sure serve these players right if we could figure that out.


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    It’s more of an exploit than cheating. In this situation,someone can use the same exploit and wreck them.You have a basic understanding of their server hopping so this is what you do.
    You go to a different server than the one they have this barricade at.If it’s a building,position yourself where you would be inside the barricade if you were there,then switch to the server they’re in, and you will be there! Be prepared for combat if they’re there and be ready for them to show if they’re not.It’s best if they’re not because when you spawn in,there’s a few moments where you aren’t there yet but your body is and they can see you.They went to some trouble to set this up so they’ll be very unhappy with intruders.Make sure you have the element of surprise,meaning no one is there,and take a friend or two in case they show up.Also,if they have gear in the tents you’d have to empty the tent before packing it up so friends can definitely help.Have your best combat guy watch over the operation.If you’re not ready for this,don’t do it.If you are….Good Luck

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    This is technically ghosting. It’s server hopping to gain an advantage. It’s not exactly the same as being in combat, ghosting to a better position on a joined server, then back. But it’s effectively the same, you have to either glitch or server hop to get into their base.

    As well, the hoarding of loot in tents and on players drastically screws up the CLE and reduce loot spawning.

    don’t try to ghost in, they will have several seconds to kill you before you are even technically there.

    Using glitched tents to barricade stuff, IMO, justifies glitching through the tent.

    Wait what??

    Let me explain.

    These dicks are using tents as a “place holder” for base building and barricades. As such, they are impossible to remove. So, if they can use a glitch (magical indestructible tent) we can use a glitch as a placeholder for cutting the tent open with a knife.

    I don’t glitch, but when it comes to dickheads blockading whole sections of the map, I’m fine with it.

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    I thought of that,but I’m having a hard time finding a server where I spawn in with out being a fresh spawn. Any suggestions?

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      Hmm,I havent had that happen to me yet. The only thing i can think of where that happens is if you agree to the experimental version by going to your steam games,clicking properties for dayz standalone,then click tab that says betas.Theres a box to click with a drop down that says something like “allow experimental blah blah blah.If you allow experimental then you can play on the experimental servers too and you will be a fresh spawn while still retaining your regular guy. I did it because its the only thing you can play during wednesdays server downtime.Other than that you shouldn’t ber a fresh spawn unless you die.

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    Sent you a friend request if you wanna run together sometime.I have one other buddy in a squad and were looking to get a few people together that aren’t the KOS types if you’re interested.

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    It is an exploit that cant be stopped and is unfair but there is nothing the devs can really do if they don’t do that then they will just find away to exploit something else. I also think that this option is available to everyone it all comes down to morals. I think that you could have it so that you cant server hop while having gear also i think it could be set up so that if you do change servers you could loss some gear or spawn in with hungry and thirsty.

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