Hello survivors! I am embarking upon a project to record information and hopefully create a central support resource for DayZ players who utilize an out-of-the-ordinary setup for enjoying the game.

I’m looking for things like high resolutions (2K, 4K, 8K), aspect ratios (4:3, 16:10, 21:9), multiple displays, macOS/Linux, VR, eye trackers, special configurations, and anything of that sort.

Pictures of your unusual setup are also highly encouraged.

My goals are:

1. Present users with out-of-the-box solutions for more “common” non-standard setups (i.e. 4K, Ultrawide, macOS).

2. Create tools and documentation to help users in configuring and troubleshooting less common setups.

3. Assist users with accessibility needs in finding acceptable alternative means to enjoy DayZ.

4. Indulge the curiosity of players looking to experience the game beyond a keyboard and mouse.


What I need to know is:

1. What kind of unusual setup do you have?

2. What are the components that make it unusual?

3. What are the benefits or reasons for using this setup?

4. How does it work? What special efforts were needed?

5. What does it cost? Where did you get it?