Which time my dead Character will despawn?

Because, im pretty sure if you die in a house its not the same despawn time like you die on the road.

My friend died on the road and his Body was there for more than 20min. My character, i died cause Zombies trapped me in a green house was gone under 20min. Somebody have a list? I found some old times but nothing from 0.61 Version/ Stable.



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    Body will not disappear if someone is next to it. If no one is close its around 10min (maybe more) before its gone.

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      We tested something, but we dont get some logic answer.

      I died inside a green house in elektro, the same time my buddy did some suicide maybe 10sec later on the eastcoast. We was pretty alone on the server.

      Both spawn on the eastcoast. I ran directly to the green house. Maybe it took me 20min., body was gone. Ok.

      But, the dead character from my friends suicid was there for more than 2 hours. BUT, his gun is gone. We check his suicid place every time after we died for the testing. Very strange.

      Maybe with the new Player Controller we get some Info from the Devs.