Cagematic Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

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Greetings Survivors! We have a special event planned for this weekend. Protector case hide and seek. We will have two cases hidden on the map. One in the South, the other in the North. With in the case is a specific set of gear. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to locate and transport the case to the North East Airfield trade zone to turn in to an admin.

Once the contents of the case is verified you will be sent a $10 steam gift card to do with as you please. The event will begin at 7PM EST on Friday night 3/3 and go until both cases are found. Hints will be given in game every 6 hours after server restarts. Follow our Facebook page for updates, and extra clues! Let’s see who has the most Dayz map/land knowledge!

Remember, we are a non KOS server but you can be held up. If you do not comply with in 5 seconds combat can begin. We highly suggest you record your game play to report KOS.