Mr downzz Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

So i have waited like 4-5 months for this update and most of my friends have gave up on waiting and i couldn’t wait for it so we could all play it again only to find out when i go on the game i cannot change my resolution or tab out with out getting a black screen. I have spent almost 8hrs now and i still get the same thing i cant play dayZ like this so i am counting on the next update.

things i have done that didnt work

Verify my game

uninstall and reinstall

delete my CFG folder

updated my graphics drivers.


if anyone finds a fix for this pls tell me because i dont want to feel like i have been waiting all this time for the game not to even work as that would probably frustrate most people.

I didnt have this problem in the previous updates so it is not my monitor and i will not buy a new one just for this game.