Official Announcement:

Hello everyone,

we have been looking forward to this announcement for quite a while now and thanks to the incredible support from our international community and the success that came with it, we are now able to announce that

DUG will have an EU server sponsored by the #KarmaKrew!

This next step into our future will be very exciting for all of us and we hope you will appreciate it.

Now, we are looking for your feedback and ideas on how we handle details surrounding it. You can participate in the discussion and find more detailed information in this thread in our private subreddit forum:

If you are unable to view the post, apply to become a community member through

With that being said, let us give you some compressed information:

There is no date for the launch yet

We still have quite a few preparations to finish and factors to carefully evaluate. Once that is finished and we feel comfortable with our decision, we will share the launch date with you.

Who will pay for the server?

While we unfortunately do not have enough recurring monthly donations through to consistently pay for our current server or an additional server, a group of community members have approached us and announced that they will permanently and entirely sponsor our second server.

These members are WOBO, TheRunningManZ, M1NDR and Septic Falcon from the broadcast team #KarmaKrew.

We have also organized an AMA with them, to give you the opportunity to talk about your questions, concerns and ideas through direct interaction:

Who will have admin power over the server?

The server is fully under the DayZ Underground Team’s administrative control.
Our new server will be a DayZ Underground server in its entirety. We will apply the same kind of rules and standards you are used to and appreciate.

How can we make it a proper DUG server?

It goes without saying that our new server will of course also be 1PP-only and embody the same ideals.
You have created a beautiful balance between characters and their actions, managed to live out fascinating stories and you are inspiring people watching you through videos or livestreams.

How can we effectively cultivate an extension of that community in our new server?

We are looking forward to your suggestions and ideas.

Thank you very much for your continued support, which is incredibly motivating and inspiring!

The DayZ Underground Team