Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing DayZ for about 68-70+- hours. Im like this game a lot, but sometimes its hard for me to stay alive for few days. Thing is that i get a gear, guns everything, but in pvp situations i almost die everytime… I watch a lot of streams of DayZ, youtube (tips and tricks). But problems still same, maybe my config is wrong (i use – medium settings in DayZ) do settings really affect spoting other players in far distance or under trees?

Thanks everybody for your understanding and helpful tips πŸ™‚ Good luck in game 4 u all


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    Hey there, I dont know how you play but I can eventually share some experience / tips.

    First thing would be to seek for covers at all times. And get anything that can makes you appear like where you hide. If you hide near trees, get clothes that fit with this πŸ™‚ Always keep your ears opened, and in any threat situation (pvp) if you dont feel like you can respond, just run away. Beeing Rambo will lead to your death, there is no shame runing away a dangerous situation πŸ˜‰

    Last thing is : never trust anyone… But… sometimes you can have great surprises. I made a new friend in Dayz 4 days ago πŸ˜‰ since then we “work” together πŸ™‚ so anything can happen. But I tend not to beleive anyone and shoot first :p

    If you still want to fight, better be sure your target doesnt have friends you did not see, as they communicate πŸ˜‰

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    Good tips by Le Marcheur, just want to add some stuff.

    As he said, always seek cover. That means don’t engage anyone, unless you know that you have some cover to hide behind in case he returns fire. Don’t cross a field in the open, try to cross it via a treeline or something. In that case if you get shot, you can hide behind something, assess the situation plan your next step.

    You can also use this to your advantage. For example if you see a guy looting a small houses/town. You can wait for him to start exiting that town then engage. Because while looting he has a lot of cover he can use, and if you miss the first shot it’ll be very difficult to shoot him with all the cover he has. So wait for him to start exiting the town. Usually town exits have next to no cover. You can use the bushes/trees around the exit to ambush him.

    Also learn to be patient. Sometimes it’s better to wait a couple of minutes to get a better shot than to shoot immediately when you see someone. Also depending on your weapon, it might be better to get closer, or better to go further away. For example if you have a shotgun you can wait for a guy to come near to you or wait for him to come to one of the exits of the compound you’re in.

    The reason am emphasizing about cover is because this is a survival game. It’s true you might get more kills running around shooting like Call of Duty. But what’s the use if you die every 30 mins?

    To be honest you can’t really LOOK for tips, you have to gain experience. LOTS of it. Dying in this game isn’t really a failure (as a beginner ofc), as long as you learn from your mistakes!

    Good luck in Chernarus!

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    You need to learn where u can run into people, get a feeling ’bout that first of all. Have a pistol in hands at all time, dont engage trying to one shot with chambered guns, get mags then fight. Observe more then moving, listen for gunshots, eating/drinking noices.

    Spoting people who are standing still are quite hard, therefore u dont find people in the bushes unless u get lucky or run right into them. If u cant beat them, join them. Walk slowly through the woods near cities, looking for movement. Always keep an eye out for running zombies, if they run, they hunt something. Either a player or animals.

    If you fight in buildings or shooting around corners and such, play in FPS mode. Random sprays outside or shooting with shotguns is recommended to play third person. Dont underestimate the power of Brass Knuckles or blunt weapons, one hit to the head and they go unconscious and u are free to do whatever u like to them.

    Dare to run across the map, once u get to know the map, its easy to navigate around Chernarus. But keep bottles with you, either PET-bottle or the Canteen so u can fill them around ponds and wells. But if u gather water from ponds or such, always use waterpurification pills so u dont get sick.

    This is all from my experience with dayz 1300h currently, played since release on steam.