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Greetings Survivors,

Over the last few months and into the beginning of the year we’ve been making adjustments to our Feedback Tracker to better support the Early Access userbase. We’re happy to announce that one of our newest initiatives, driven by our production and quality assurance teams is the DayZ Security Report.

This new task type in our feedback tracker is specifically set up to allow users to safely and securely report sensitive issues in DayZ unrelated to general game bugs. Entries through this form are private, only shared between the developers and the reporter, and are given top priority attention upon being reported. With this new feedback tracker type set up we hope to reduce some of the confusion and increase ease of reporting critical security related bugs.

You can find the new Security Issue report form here:
DayZ Security Issue Report Form

What kind of issues should I report here?

Any security issue that isn’t directly caused by an in-game bug (Please report standard bugs using the DayZ Bug Report, or Private DayZ Bug Report if you feel like the issue shouldn’t be known publicly). Common examples include:

  • Abusable Script Commands
  • Memory Hacks (Specifically abusable functions which can be called by client)
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Access Rights Elevation (Such as acquiring server admin rights without having access)
  • Server Stability Issues

What kind of issues don’t belong here?

  • Reporting hackers
  • Reporting cheating sites
  • Issues working only on older DayZ Version than the current Steam Stable Version.
  • Server admin abuse and other breaking of server hosting rules (Please use DayZ Bug Report )
  • Item duplication issues using a bug (Please use DayZ Private Bug Report)
  • Ways to glitch into buildings using in-game bugs (Please use DayZ Private Bug Report)

What should I include in my report?

Please be aware that the quality of your report increases chances of timely and successful fix. To ensure that we are able to understand what you are reporting and the potential impact, please make sure your report contains the following items:

  • What type of issue are you reporting? (Is it a memory hack, script, network issue …?)
  • How does a user reproduce your issue? (Detailed steps or source code are very helpful).
  • What is the impact of your issue? (Does the issue affect other players? What does it allow you to do?)”

As always, thanks for your support!


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