dev pla fix the game this go whorng.after your update hit the ps4 update 1.07 no zombies lost my guns end all my stuff whas badley damage every 5 minuts i have to fix them give my studd back en repair the game pls:(

also i sont see leter in this forum lol


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    dev after the update 1.07

    atm im on server us-LA 2464

    1 no zombies spawn?
    2 lost my sniper 75 with scope end a mag.
    3 before the server game down
    end finaly whanna play the game all my stuff got badly damage exept my head helmet end my tactic gas mask whas ruined how it whas all good before the update.
    4 i have to fix my gear every 5 minuts i have miliary gear it takes 20 until 40 minuts until they go baldy damage.

    5 i notic grapice go down in the begin.
    fix the game plss