Nerd Fury Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Hello ya’ll!

I’m Nerd Fury, nineteen from The Netherlands. I’m a DayZ Mod veteran, but I’m quite new to DayZ Standalone. I am aware of the basics though. I plan on playing DayZ a lot more because I’ve gained more of an interest towards it with the latest patches and I’ve been playing for the past two weeks again.

But the issue is, I’m kind of alone on this. My IRL friends do not often play, and my other friends are busy with ArmA 3. So I’m actually looking for an English or Dutch speaking group that have room and feel like they want one more.

I can do TeamSpeak or Skype, or both. 🙂

Or maybe you all know a good server that has a medium population of players with a teamspeak, so I could hop onto their teamspeak and get involved with people on my own. All is welcome. 😀