Once I start the game I hear a loud “POP” and once I hear that i’m unable to hear anything inside DayZ or out. I’ve validated my files, re-downloaded it, and even updated my drivers. I’m not too sure if there’s anything else i’m able to do. I would love to take part in this experimental branch, help would be lovely.


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    I get a loud Pop too, but i can still hear game volume. Not sure why you can’t.

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    Yer i get this “pop” too but I tend to find that this only happens when Im Alt-Tabbing out of game then back in. As has been said a number of times before, 0.60 is experimental and hence by its nature – unstable – we will get many bugs and glitches with this iteration and this popping sound is a by-product of one of these bugs. Given time the dev team will iron these bugs out to hopefully keep our gameplay experience at its best. So I am sure we will be seeing a few small updates to 0.60 whilst its in experimental in order to get it ready for the final push to stable.