some times i ask to my self, what is wrong with the Devs of Dayz, for exemple, in Dayz the loot are too sparse, and its too dificult stay alive without do the “apple bug”, but in a real apocalypse:

first in a recent the apocalypse the cityes have cars for everywere, mostly good, supermarkets, houses and military bases are fully of supplies, (and the cityes are beutifull and clean like Dayz is)

second in old the apocalypse cityes have cars for everywere, mostly damaged, the food are sparse and the city have a visual abandoned with grass for everywere and blood in all houses, (the perfect exemple of this is the old mod Dayz Origins)

i hope with 0.63 the modders have a plataform to work, couse its too slow the way of the devs work.

if i wrong Correct me in a positive way.