First of all, I was having an issue with changing my resolution – in the in game settings, the resolution setting was on windowed, and I couldn’t change it. Then I tried changing it in the DayZ.cfg file, and it gave me 2 error messages upon attempting to launch the game: Device error: Can’t set resolution, and then afterwards, another with something along the lines of ‘The memory at 0x000000000something referenced memory at 0x00000000something which could not be read. After I got this, I reinstalled DayZ, and then tried again, and got exactly the same issues. After that, I tried deleting the DayZ.cfg file, in the hopes that when I next ran DayZ, everything would be reset. Unfortunately, no, I got the same 2 error messages, and now the DayZ.cfg file is missing a lot of settings, and only has this now:





Obviously, now I can’t change it to windowed mode anymore, so the game won’t open without those error messages.

Anybody know how to fix this?