rebellion Heli Hunter 4 years ago

If some of you, like myself, have found for some unknown reason your performance in 0.60 experimental to be a little weak then there is a way to up that performance to a more acceptable level. I’ve found that my performance in the experimental has been a little on the low side – why I don’t actually know at present – but I have got around this by making to minor adjustments to my config file.

First go to your DayZ.cfg file in your “MyDocuments/DayZ” folder. Open Dayz.cfg with Notepad++ and change the following settings:

The following settings here would be default at 3840 x 2160 (hence why you get 200% render resolution in your games video settings…halving these numbers would set it to 100% – hence mine would be 1920 x 1080).


Change HDRPrecision to 0

Save/replace the file.

One last thing to do…in order for these settings NOT to be over ruled by having dayz change them back to default (ie render resolution) when you next start the game up just mouse right click the cfg file and change it to “Read Only”.


Hopefully you should now get an improvement in performance in game.