PointMan Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Hi all!

Does anyone know how to obtain a database like the one used on the maps here?

I have an idea for a “loot route” generator where the player can choose what types of houses/item categories that are of interest, and then get like a military style “mission”. This could be in the form of a list of bearings and distances accompanied by descriptions of what to look for and type of loot at each point along the way.

I have two motivational factors for this. First it could give the player an objective for that life, I for one get bored(and scared to die) when I’m fully geared so I often kill myself to do the looting again. And also it would give the player a chance to possibly explore new areas while practicing map and compass skills. Second I enjoy programming, so it’s just another idea to have something fun to code 🙂 But without a database, I’m not going to get anywhere..