I started playing Dayz a few days ago after a year of stop. Everyting works fine except for the fact that i get my public hive character wiped daily. Can this be related to the fact that most of the times i play Dayz-x64, but when i forget to open it from steam and use the desktop icon maybe an x86 instance is started, probably messing with my character savegame?


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    I think if you go back on the same server you will be ok, if you change server you may be respawning .

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    I found the problem: the character simply doesn’t show up, but if i log on a public server the character loads up correctly.

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    Right now youll probly find the reason with the wipe is happening to everyone. its all to do with 0.62 being on stable branch. Theres been a good few minor hotfixes that have been pushed from experimental onto stable and with each hotfix a character wipe usually accompanies it. So for the time being you may well find it happening until 0.62 is pretty much where it shoud be. Also what you may find is you can go onto different public servers and be on different hives i’ve experienced that myself. You jump from one server to another and expect your character to be the same yet you spawn in as a bambie….just different hives in that case. But i think for what you are experiencing right now its down to the fact that character wipes are occurring when a minor update is applied to main branch.