Slashbot Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

I have been playing 0.60 on experimental for ages.  When 0.61 released, i could not connect to any servers.

Has anyone else had persistent connection issues with 0.61 experiment. where connecting to any server results in “failed to connect”  dialogs??

I have googled a lot, but only found really old (april 2016 :))  “failed to connect ” blogs, where it was due to server load when 0.60 was released.  I haven’t found any posts about similar issues in 0.61.  I cant connecxt to low pop servers so probably not due to load…

I can go back to stable and run 0.60 with no problems.

It seems like most ppl aren’t having any major issues with connecting to servers, or the basic game, any solutions or troubleshooting tips would be great!