ShauntriC Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

S U R V I V A L    L I F E     R P —> 1p/3rdP No Cross hair, Persistence,


Server IP:     TeamSpeak:

We pride ourselves in giving the mature serious role player a place to create a simulated life during troubling times.  We are constantly making efforts to enhance game play.  Our music bots are carefully selected to play the very best immersive background horror music, some I engineer myself with 3d sound effects to make a solo game feel creepy as well.

In game radio broadcasts creepy messages as well as sets up various real time events.  Our global channel sets up events and if you are in the music bot room, these events are not only typed but the music is custom designed for each event with a random voice over to add to the realism.

We ask that only hardcore enthusiasts of the game join our server.  We have factions on here which are listed in the Ts3 GFX banner.  Psychopaths run the land and sometimes HORDE CITIES.  Factions own territories and every month the map is updated.  Server rules are displayed on our STEAM GROUP PAGE: TSpub.

So please join my teamspeak and be part of this terrific community.  We are looking for the player who is fed up of others not playing realistically, if this is you, this is your calling.  join us today.



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