Greetings fellow survivors! Dayz Wasteland is a freshly made server eager for new players. We’re looking for individuals to share in the enjoyment that Dayz has always brought to the table. We have at least one admin available at all times to help with any issues that one might run into. Player cap is currently locked at 30 until we can start filling up the server. We are currently running a few mods to spice up the vanilla experience, the list is as follows:


bzReload Camo

Net Plus

Classic names and descriptions





UAZ Buhanka


MOV Unlimited Stamina

As previously stated, our admins are steadily available and eager to help with any issues. Base items despawn on you? No worries, we will restore any lost gear or items to you asap! We’re also currently offering free gear (of your choosing) to the first ten players that join the server. We plan on holding Wasteland type missions that will be coordinated by our team of admins, which is where the server name originated as we are all avid fans of A2 wasteland.

Our rules are simple –

-Be respectful to other players (No excess vulgarism, racism, or sexism. Basically don’t be a♥♥♥♥♥♥)

-Hacking will you get banned

-No building within 500m of military areas

Come check us out, join in on the fun!