We all love DayZ right, the look and the feel of it, but does it not somehow feel a bit boring and repetitive to run into the same house over and over and over. Let’s use the Double Red and Double Green Houses as an example.
Those two houses are in almost every single major town and are plentiful all over the map and as you can see, those yellow numbers depict how many of each of them I saw in Chernogorsk alone, and it does not even bring in to account any of the other house where it seems there are even more and more them scattered, all with the same look and feel.

What if the Developers took some time to make just the smallest of tweaks? Keep the houses all intact, interior and exterior, but just make the outer shell color a different one. I am not saying a single color for each and every similar house, but what if one was Grey in Cherno with another Grey one in Elektro and Berezino, so too some Orangy ones and Blackish or White ones for that matter.

It would give the game significant change to its look and feel and even refreshing. Below I took some time (a very loooong time to try my first go at photo shopping and I used GIMP because it said to be very easy.
Both pics are exactly the same and because I am not good at this I took the liberty of trying it on these Garage doors as house are very complex and much more difficult for an untrained hand, but you get the idea. The Developers can keep with the retro feel of the game and stick to those old type of colors AND please excuse my Blue and Orange doors, it got a bit out of hand, but like I say it’s about the idea and for me it’s a good one.
So what do you DayZ loving guys think of this suggestion. Please let’s get the ball rolling with some yay or nay comments and discussions. Will be appreciated
I can not seem to get the Captcha system to work to post a suggestion, and that’s what it really iswhat this actually is.


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    Yeah, the garages was just to make a color statement, i know it looks ridiculous, but eight red houses as displayed in cherno is a bit of confusion itself. What if two were (time correct of setting colors off course) black, 2x red 2 orange 2x brown. It woul be much easier to recognize. 1 Suspect is at Firestation Double Brown north for example, and even now you would know whitch house i’m reffering too. I am not asking for a Christmas tree look, but a nice beautifull retro look wit a bit more color. You’d know that its still actually the red one because the interior is still the same. The double green and red also look very similar actually

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    Oh yes, the green and brown does not look to bad on those doors

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    We need more yellow. DayZ seems to lack a lot of that. Love the lockers.

  • Please do it! Seriously!! this make games better for eyes!

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    they seriously need to do this it isn’t that hard. DEVS!

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    The problem is that with so many different variations of colour, the gameplay becomes a little too difficult when it comes to communicating your position to your friends.
    People who like to do PVP in cherno know about how difficult it becomes if you don’t know how to describe your position around the city. That’s one of the reasons why i think it’s not a good idea to change that.

    However, i think it might not be a bad idea to retexture some buildings but only for a few cities.
    For instance, there was only one ” novo tower ” before, but now there is one too in cherno.
    What if the devs retextured the Novo tower ( in novo ), with another colour of bricks ? Actually what if all the city buildings in novo had some kind of red-ish brick texture, and different rooftop colours ? This would maybe not be realistic and more skyrim-ish, but at least it would make the cities different from the others on the map.
    ( Just imagine if all cities had a unique feature about them, instantly recognizable )

    But i don’t think it’s a good idea to make rainbow coloured buildings and populate the map with them, it would look ridiculous and actually make a very fake impression of diversity. Like the garages you’ve painted. It looks ridiculous like this, but what if we had red garages in cherno, and blue ones in novo ? That wouldn’t be a problem for anyone and it would not look fake.