I like the idea of “coffee” it could be a rare item that gives you adrenaline boost …or not. Just something to drink maybe but would be a good RP point of contact.

(Dont know why I cant access the post “morning coffee”, so Im reposting)


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    Loved this idea before. It is really a good one, seeing Hypothermia is a reality more than ever it would be great. Not just even for RP but in general. I have run around for thousands of hours and drank hundreds of cups of coffee doing so always pondering why can I not have the same for my character. We do have milk powder already and pots. Will give you that satisfactory feel to sit out and look at the landscape.
    To tie in to your idea, well to me I thought in my little mind it would be great to have a lay down and rest function. not meant to leave your character ingame to sleep for hours, but I have taken coffee breaks just sitting there for 10 minutes watching and waiting to see movement, why not give a rest mode so the character curls up and regains power and energy. fix some health. In general it would be great if it was a need to rest up for a few minutes. the more rest you get the better you generate power, wake up drink a coffee and you good to go. or you don’t need to do anything actually. lol, put in a yawn when your character gets tired, ok now am pushing it, but the idea is sound though.

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      I also think this is a great idea, I particularly like the resting idea. It would be great if being exhausted effected your character I think it would give some items more practical use such as the tent. Perhaps with this mechanic we could use new items like a sleeping bag, energy drinks and tablets. Just a thought. I wonder what we will see when the new damage system arrives 🙂

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    Yeah dayz needs a food update like chips to make you unhealthy, granola bars/ energy bars, pots, pans, utensils, bowls, and cups all for the food part of the game. All the little stuff blows my mind in this game.