Чернарусь – Chernarus

A country that has been through so much in such a small span of time, being one of the smallest countries in Eurasia. Located just below Russia in the Caucasus region where countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia border each other, however their existence is unknown in the Arma Universe.

Settlements first date back to 5th Century B.C when the Burnaja Svetlaya Rivers where inhabited by Skyth tribes and even nomads who later formed Takmyr and Kazeg nations. The Slavic population had to consistently fight off raiders from the southwest in early day Chernarus, the nearby country of Tarsdom Russia had a strong relationship with 16th century Chernarus while still keeping it’s independence. Before these events Chernarus was ongoing from being controlled by many powerful rulers, in the 12th century it was controlled by the Dukes and in the 13th century Chernarus was united under by Taras Kozub. Up until 1631 the Kozub dynasty fell, Chernarus joined the Russian Empire which was in the early 18th Century. Just after joining the Russian empire, the Russian revolution begins in 1917 and Chernarus continues to become apart of the U.S.S.R. 

Below Is Early 18th Century Russian Empire.

Chernarus Becomes A Soviet Socialist Republic. 

Just after the Russian Revolution Chernarus becomes known as the “Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic” Or “Черноруссии Советская Социалистическая Республика.”  Chernarus officially became a Soviet Republic in 1936 just like most of the other Republics in which where apart of the Russian empire beforehand.

Image Created By Rustycaddy

Soviet Chernarus

Most notably of Chernarus being apart of the Soviet union that still can be found in Current day Chernarus would be a list of things such as…

  • Soviet Education System/Design Of School
  • Soviet Summer Camps
  • Cyrillic Script/Russification
  • Vehicles Such As Volga
  • Painted images on factories of soviet working class
  • Cities like Chernogorsk created by the Soviet Government to help in shipping goods and to expand in unused territory.
  • Soviet Military Bases/Equipment and Structure of Current day Chernarussian Defense Forces.
  • Police Force and Equipment

These are most of the following things carried on to current day Chernarus which till the very end of the Soviet Union, Chernarus finally gained independence in 1991 following along the other Republics and the end of Communism/Socialism.

Image By Tatanko Of A Remaining Soviet Summer Camp.

Berezino During Soviet Times, Can Be Found In A School.

Independence Of Chernarus

After 1991 Chernarus was struggling to keep up economically like Russia and the other post republics, a new established government was in place and over time it slowly healed from the fall of Communism. But in 2009 it fell under a civil war, which was not heading into a good direction, this was due to south zagorian region of Chernarus being inhabited by Communist Rebels know as the “ChDKZ- ЧДКЗ” or “Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star” who want to overthrow the current Chernarussian Government because they want live in the Socialist/Communist Utopia from the good old days back. They took South Zagoria making the Chernarussian Defense Forces to retreat from that whole region and calling the U.S and UN to help them out. Another group know as the National Party or “NAPA” is in the conflict helping the “CDF” fight the ChDKZ only to be framed as Terrorists by the ChDKZ due to a terrorist bombing in Red Square in Moscow. Russia then wants the UN and U.S forces to withdraw to unleash it’s fury on NAPA for killing dozens in Moscow furthering the conflict, only in the end of the conflict does every one realize that it was a False Flag and was orchestrated by the ChDKZ, in the end the communist rebels loose and Chernarus becomes safe once again.

File:PoliticalAd2 1.jpg

Image By Tatanko Of ЧДКЗ Billboard 

An Image Of The Entire Country

Final Things To Take Note Of

Chernarus has two official languages, Czech and Russian which are widely spoken through out the country. To back this up would be the the brands of food products, store names and advertisements.

File:PoliticalAd1 1.jpg

Government Official Alexander Barnov Advertisement written in Russian.

File:CigaretteAd 1.jpg

Černomorky Cigarette Advertisement Written In Czech.

Both Images Above Are By Tatanko

The Capital Of Chernarus Is Novigrad, this country also has a total of six major cities across the nation.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it! More to come soon…