If you can survive the weekend while “RP’ing” on OUR SERVER and you post your experience of interacting with others on our forum @ http://fightthedeadfeartheliving.com/community/

You have a chance at winning a $40 steam wallet prize for the person who has the best told experience.

You will also have the chance to be instantly whitelisted on our server.

We will review all logs for your character name and process your steam profile for your in game GUID for confirmation.

If you have any questions please PM the staff or I in the forum or on our team speak @ fightthedeadfeartheliving.com

FDFL Server Info

The winner will be announced in the evening on Wednesday November 09.

Requirements(READ ALL OF THEM):

1. If you don’t already have a forum account sign up. You will need this to
post your experience for review at the end of the event.

2. You MUST join our teamspeak and be in the FDFL official channel.
Teamspeak address is fightthedeadfeartheliving.com. You may also go to
http://fightthedeadfeartheliving.com/index.php/teamspeak/ to one click
connect to our teamspeak by pressing the teamspeak icon on the
webpage. We have a limited number of slots on teamspeak FYI.

3. Follow our server rules by going to the link below.

4. Post your interactive experience in our Forum under Survive The Weekend
You must post (in the Thread Subject line with your character name that
you used in DAYZ) and send the staff and I a PM in our forum with your
link to your steam profile.