cody Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

does anyone know any servers that have a lot of loot because all the ones I join have nothing


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    All of the servers have the same amount of loot. If you are playing on high to full pop servers then there is going to be less loot as more people are playing on those servers and they are picking it up. I suppose it’s the compromise for playing on popular servers.
    Server restart times make a difference to how much loot is available, servers that say ‘HIGH LOOT’ usually have frequent restarts, every 3-6 hours. The server admins have no control over loot other than when they set the restarts. All this info is ‘as far as I know’.

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      do u no any server that just frequently restarted

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        If you favorite a good chunk of servers that you see have a lot of players etc, go into your steam client, choose View > Servers > and it will list your favorite servers here if you choose the favorites tab.

        From there you can keep an eye on the player count, and if you right click a specific server you can see all the players on it and how long they’ve been connected.

        A lot of players will reconnect at the same time after a restart and keep playing, so if you see a bunch of people that have all been playing for say, 10 minutes and 30 seconds each. You know the server restarted about that time. You can aid yourself in this guessing game by knowing how often the popular servers restart.

        All of this is unnessecary, because you can simply find a ton of loot if you travel west enough, you don’t have to memorize all this technical crap if you get better at the game as a whole.

        Happy Dayz-ing 😀

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    Pssst all those “CLAN MEMBER ONLY RESET CHARACTER BYEBYE GEAR” servers isnt rly that badass. 😉