We all probably have experienced this new issue where we cant pack the tent as we usually could from inside. It’s totally random right? My best guess is – it is not random. Today, as it is day before maintenance i wanted to replace all of the tents. which went nearly bad. well i thought, i will place everything in car tents since they the i got them later on after maintenance, so i will look for new military tents.

But just when i went outside and went to the left from the doors still facing a tent i noticed this cool heart warming “pack the tent” So it all went well. But i don’  think this is the case. You have all probably NOTICED, that after some restarts, the tents are rotating. You all know the term “hitbox”. I will apply it to tents, since I don’t know a different word. So my theory is.

The tent rotates, but the hitbox stays in the same location Like if you could pack the tent from the middle of the tent where you acess inventory. Then middle has moved, but PACK THE TENT hitbox (in source engine, as i am experienced in level design there) i would call it trigger. So … but PACK THE TENT trigger has stayed the same old location, which leads to people kind of not be able to access this option, since they just think it’s gone. That’s it for my examination.

Enjoy ! Just look around the tent until you see the trigger.