Brian Hicks Creative Director 4 years ago

Recently as I’ve been enjoying my travels across Chernarus in 0.60 experimental I’ve noticed a few comments, or questions regarding availability for server resources such as food, ammunition, and such. I thought taking a few moments to talk about that might help everyone understand our direction, and goals.

For those of you who were around for the 0.55 build you’ll recall the unintended side effect a few economic based bugs had on the gameplay for that build. The struggle to survive was “real” for certain – and interestingly enough, a good portion of the community has expressed nostalgia for it.
So, for those folks – they’ll be happy to know to a certain degree – an experience like that is what we’ve been aiming for. Let me elaborate a bit.

Peter and I both share a passion for DayZ being a struggle to survive. Infact, there are game mechanics that just *don’t work* without it being the case. The balance for us, the goal we’re constantly iterating towards is a playable experience that is that struggle for survival.
You should be able to find the basics for survival within your first few moments in game. Be it scavenging for some basic food, or finding the basic supplies needed to get off the coast. Within your first hour in game you *should* be able to find a firearm, and basic set of matching ammo.

The coast is not intended to be an easy viable location to survive. We want you to need to move inland to exist, we *want* to push players to move across the map. Deeper inland you will find the high risk, high reward areas for players that want to push themselves towards that. For those that don’t – surviving off the land, and setting yourself up for sustained survival through creating camps, and living off of renewable resources should be just as viable.

Mechanics such as horticulture, or even such desperate measures as harvesting meat from fallen player corpses just won’t ever be viable if we don’t have that balance – that survival part of the survival game present.
We track via heatmaps and server logging data such as global server quantities, and even exactly where things are concentrated and how evenly things are distributed across the server. Even with this however, bugs occur – and we rely upon player reports via the feedback tracker to properly track these down. I’m rambling again – so let me get to the next part of this post I wanted to hit.

I, *we* recognize that an honest to god punishing survival game might not be the DayZ experience everyone wants, or even knows. Through the robust modding community on Arma 2, to the countless different type of content creators that are out there – DayZ can, and is something different to each person, and this ties into why we talk so much about providing people the tools to make the DayZ experience they specifically are looking for.

This extends past modding, to robust control over the server economy for privately hosted shards (when server files and CLE/Database tools are released) with a lower barrier to entry than traditional hobby based development via modding.
That said – I’m very aware of the concerns some members of the community have expressed in regards to so called “5000 vehicle servers” and “Spawn w/ AS50 HighLoot PvP Mania” type situations.

These concerns were first a foremost on my mind when our Lead Designer, Peter Nespesny and I sat down to lay out the design of our final Main Menu, Server Browser, and Launcher. Maintaining the character centric view in our Main Menu, so that your “Official DayZ” character and his or her successes, statistics, and overall status is one of the first things you are presented with. In addition to this, our Main Menu ties right into the new server browser design – which is intended to segregate the Official DayZ experience from community run experiences, and modded servers.

There is a point in UI/UX design that is discussed in the industry – that basically put covers the “clicks to gameplay” count. Maintaining a low click count to gameplay for us is one of the key points in the Main Menu, and to that end – where you end up through these clicks is critical.
Separating the “Official” servers from the community run, and modded servers is more than just a filter. Our focus is very heavily on ensuring that the first gameplay experience someone has (unless they intentionally navigate past it) is on Official DayZ servers, with the original and intended DayZ gameplay design.

– Main Menu “Play now” or “Quickplay” type option that dumps you into the lowest ping / highest pop Official DayZ server (or the last one you played on)
– The first tab you see when opening the server browser is *only* Official DayZ servers
– Community servers kept on their own tab
– Main Menu character data and statistics are Official DayZ servers only

Sure, these might seem small in the grand scheme of things – but the little things add up when trying to ensure that the base DayZ (“Vanilla”) is protected, is the first type of gameplay a new user is presented with, and continues to thrive past the introduction of modding and private run hives/servers.

As usual, I’ve ranted and rambled a bit – but again, I just wanted you all to have a little insight into the thought process. Peter and I (and the entire team) are always very focused on the unforgiving survival game DayZ is intended to be – and while it might not seem like it from development build, to development build.. every decision we make during development is focused on making sure the *final product* is exactly what we all dreamed it would be.


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    .55-like food scarcity with properly working loot economy. The first people on a server would devour the coast, and move inland for more loot, or make trouble/friendly contact with the second wave of survivors.
    Second wave would scavenge what they could, and then either trek inland for survival, or conflict/connect with the the part of the first wave still on the coast.
    Third wave and beyond would jump in, and either scrounge like rats for a single can of food on the coast, or make a mad scramble off the coat and up north/west into the wilds.
    going north/west, First wave would take all the loot. Second wave would take what was left, and what managed to respawn. Third wave would come around by the time second wave had left, and would either have to rely on the respawn cycle, or would have to travel were no one had gone yet.
    With the CLE working properly, this could push players to be spread evenly across the map, worrying primarily about survival, PvP second.

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    Well the pictures of weapons spawning with attacments is totaly gone, the olice stations, hangars,most military areas + helicrashes dont spawn anything. Most loot is not existing in 0.60.

    Runnin around in an empty game becomes booring even though 0.60 looks so good.

    I cannot tell a friend to come join me in this game becuse they say its booring, then i think about all 500+hours ive been runnin around doing nothing in this game.

    So instead of playin this game we play the mod were stuff actually spawn and exists. People just hate running around in empty worlds still bot dayz,miscreated and other survivial games does one thing exactly the same thing with keeping the world empty. The whole point of surviving games is to find stuff around in the world. Without the loot the game seriusly sucks and people will leave, the only thing people care about is that fps is good and that they find stuff to keep them busy while playing. Im never busy im just running and runnin in dayz, Ofcourse im waiting for loot to start to spawn normaly in policestation and all other places that is 99% empty.

    If i go back to 0.59 the loot is better there than in 0.60. The loot sucks in 0.60 tbh.

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      I think you have totally missed the entire pojnt Brian Hicks has explained above. From your perspective you want it *easy* – to be able to loot up in 5 mins flat and get into action…then respawn and loot up double quick time again. This game has NOTHING to do with that style of gameplay and I feel players of that *calibre* should not play this game at all and play an easy game like COD or BF. I think you really should read through Hicks post again and try to visualise what he is trying to create this game to be.

      Failing that you can always fall back on COD or BF!

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    Nah, stay on coast, eat people, wait for guns and ammo to spawn, then shoot more people then eat them again, yummy lol

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    Fix the damn hackers! I’ve got 3k hours in this game and I haven’t played more than 10 hours in the last 2 months due to getting killed 6 times by hackers! WTF is wrong with this game?

    Spawn in the forest on a server with 1 other person and my friend and I get insta-killed in 2 different locations more than 2km apart in under 10 seconds.

    Naked babies running around teleporting and shooting out of their fists!

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    “To push inland”
    Is it in Cherno or Elektro that the new military tents have been placed in?
    It doesnt seems that those contribute to this idea. I like just about everything contained in the OP it just seems theres something working against you guys. Someone not onboard in the team with the rest of the guys? 🙁

  • Hey! I’ve been playing DayZ at 2049 hours now and I tycler is a wonderful game but, there is no plastic lot, have sprung up to military basne and died of wolves 3 times doing something about the lot