Brian Hicks Creative Director 4 years ago

Hey guys, I wanted to sit down this evening and go over a few thoughts I was having in regards to publicly viewed roadmaps, developer stated goals, and things along these lines (anything projected release based).

Obviously – everyone involved, be it developer or consumer goes through the experience of gnashing of teeth when things come up that change, or in general push these back. We’ve tried annual roadmaps, quarterly goal roadmaps, we’ve tried heavily disclaimered target goals for a build – but in the end, it always ends up with one of us – the community around DayZ’s development frustrated.

One of the great opportunities of allowing folks access to the development via Early Access is that we can experiment, see how things work, and change them up. Usually this is restricted to gameplay, and infrastructure – but it can also extend to how we interact with the community and discuss/release information.

Most folks might not know that as we move from one version to another (the two digit value before a build number . eg – 0.59.######) the leads from Prague and Bratislava spend a day and a half meeting, planning, and discussing what are target features and changes are for the next version.

What we’re going to do moving forward is take that information, and bring you guys – the players – into our “milestone goals” for the version that happens to be being worked on at the time. So we’re looking at the following:

  • Compile a master list of our intended major feature set for 1.0
  • At the first Status Report after the Leads Meeting include a list of our milestone goals for the next version
  • Each subsequent Status Report include a break down of our progress towards completing the milestone
  • Per Major Feature
  • Any major bugs we are tackling at the time
  • Once said version (milestone) is moved to Stable branch include a break down of what milestone goals we hit AND what goals were pushed (and why)

We’re hoping this will increase visibility into what our immediate goals are, and remove some of the speculation – as well as let you guys understand a bit more about what is going on “under the hood” at DayZ.


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    @InFamousPlays and @Nuxxy. You are just a bunch idiots. First of Nuxxy, You mention these guys took 4 years to do what other developers could do in 1 year. Guess that’s why Fallout 4 and GTA5 are such shit games then. DayZ is in alpha for NOT more than 2 years and 4 to 5 months. Big titles like GTA and Fallouts and whatever else take up to 6-8 years and they still are shit and in need of updatable fixes and patches.
    The moves these DeVs are making now are big ones and they’d rather give us a joy full gaming experience than something everybody will cry about and give reasons to break the game down even further. Just be f’ing patient and wait. Something good is coming and when it arrives you’ll all feel like dicks cause you’ll understand the the few days of wait extra would be worth it.
    I kinda want to state that I believe that if these Developers achieve what they aim to achieve, the next ARMA would be built of this game they are currently developing. In a way I feel they are fixing a lot of things that could be seen that is wrong with ARMA. ARMA 4 or 5 could bring in a lot of elements tested and worked on right now. Just look at Character movement for example. Sorry Bohemia, but your little ARMA army dudes look like they run around with shit in their pants, just a single teeny weeny example of what is wrong with ARMA for me. DayZ kinda addressed that in a f’ing massive way and there are many other things not right with ARMA that I feel are being worked on in DayZ development right now. This Game is becoming a game changer for the future and of what I see it is going to be a bright future. I will keep defending this game as I have never in my life anywhere come across any other game so compelling as this one. Most of you bought this game for a mere $29 and I bet most of you got your fare share of money’s worth out of interactive experiences alone already. Just want to mention that it feels like those massive titles mentioned earlier, which take so long to develop are mostly shelved and picking up dust after 6 months of play. I got many friends who own many big titles, but I hardly see any of them play ANY of them anymore. In honesty DayZ is the game that most come back to and enjoy and it proves to me there is still a lot love left in this game. I used to love Ghost Recon to bits, but it too just kept me busy for the better part of maybe 2 months. This game DayZ is still keeping me busy 2 and half years and around 4100hours of play. I just love it and if you love the game as you state you defend it you should understand what I mean.
    Maybe sorry for calling you idiots, but I can just ask for you to wait it out and let the Devs work their magic to give us a brilliant game. Something good is coming guys, something good

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      Spot on. Great to read something like this under the amount of shit under these posts.

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      Don’t worry shade it’ll be alright. I love this game too.

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      Your devotion to the game is great. I love DayZ as well, putting many hours into the game. But there’s one big reason a lot of people have a problem with (or at least the ones i know) that i haven’t seen here yet. There’s nothing to do in the game. You’re right, its been out for about 2 and a half years, in the same state, alpha. I’ve been playing the game since the night it came out in December back then. Spawn, get gear, go somewhere popular, shoot people and get killed, Repeat. Guess what there is to do now. Spawn, get gear, go somewhere popular, and do whatever until you inevitably get killed, Repeat. They’ve added some nice things, but at the end of the day, there has been nothing added to the game that has truly changed its game play. Like perhaps building a base. That would keep somebody busy for a while. That can actually be a never ending process for some people. An alternative to the usual kill and get killed aspect of the game. Sure, you can place tents and barrels, but those dont last longer than a week, even if you put them in the most out of sight hard to find area. That’s because there are people that spend their time hunting that stuff the entire time. Then what do they do with it? Go kill, then get killed. Repeat. That’s the frustrating part for me. And for most others i would assume. When they give me something else to really spend my time on in that game other than looking for guns to shoot other players, it isn’t much different than Call of Duty, just with a much bigger map, and it’s a lot more annoying when you die.

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        Yeah, it is like you say, but you could make it interesting for yourself though. I got little goals that i try to achieve that gives the game more worth. I played now for 4170 hours actually, and I can promise that i have not done all there is to be done in this game. Like I have only caught 2 of the three types of fish in the game, Of all the weapons in the game i still need kills with 5 of them – amphibia, sawed off shot gun, sawed off mosin, sawed off izh rifle and when they fix it the flare gun. Currently I am collecting the books. Got 131 of the 150 of which 84 are pristine, 14 worn and 33 damaged. There are super scarce books to collect like The New Testament. a Goal is too also read at least 2 of them and be able to say I’ve done that, done with the Russian cheat sheet book, got only like 5 pages lol, but still a been there done that. It gets more difficult the less books you need and the fun and joy of getting a pristine and worn book to replace a damaged one is fan fucking tastic. I am just amazed at the artwork on some of those books. Have you ever stopped to look at some, specially one like “She” or “Youth”. Youth has a nice scary set of bloodied fingers on the back with inscribed words “Help me” as if it was a plea for help somewhere when the world went into a state of apocalypse.
        Sorry for hammering on the books, but it is just to point out that there is a lot more to this game than just bambi killing and Cherno pvp’ing.
        There are any little secret places to be found and even if they were found by someone and viewed on Youtube it is worth it still to go view it for yourself, like the Evil smiling Santa pick in what we call Santa chimney’s, The blair witch ritual ground, caveman drawing north east etc etc. I still want to take a swim out of the map. At 11km outside the borders there is a small island with absolutely nothing on it, but i feel i got to go there and see it for myself.
        I did 1 km time test to see what methods of transport takes you how long to complete a 1km. Running for example takes 2’29” and Sedan 46/47″.
        I am too almost done with my plans and setup for making a proper little video like none other that have been made before. As it turns out these characters can be turned into some good actors for action purposes. Take some time and delve deeper into this DayZ world with its many secrets and you’ll maybe enjoy it a lot more

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      My point on why i hate the DayZ dev team is they promise things they can’t do. Its been past a year since they wanted the New Render out and oh look… ITS STILL NOT OUT. oh and what happen to 0.60 coming out last month? They missed a date then just went silent and didn’t say anything. And going on with what you said about Arma. Most Arma 3 mods like Epoch, Exile, Breaking Point, and more are more stable and developed than the game itself. And yes I know its using Arma 3’s engine/base game so it makes it easier, but thats still sad.

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      Hey Shade don’t get me wrong I love DayZ and always will but they could have had so much more done by now if they Really Put the time in to making the Game. Look at H1Z1 that game has been out for less then a year and it doesn’t run like dog shit ……..

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        H1Z1 is the comparable? Really? H1Z1 doesn’t run like dog shit, but it sure as hell looks like it and is about as much fun to play with as dog shit. Not even close bro.

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        @InFamousPlays Are you just being blatantly ignorant or are you actually retarded? H1Z1 is a fully released game…. it was in development long before it was released. You should be thankful that the devs for DayZ SA even decided to release this game as early access, otherwise you’d still be playing the mod. Try doing some research before you come in here spouting off about how they don’t “really put the time in.” And don’t act like you know a fucking thing about the development process of a project of this magnitude. You are a dumb consumer, pls keep uneducated opinion to yourself.

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    I don’t mind waiting. I think the development team have done an amazing job of the game so far and I know it’s going to be worth the wait

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    I hope my future children will play 0.60
    … Dayz dev are the slowest dev ever

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    All this impatience will get you nowhere. If you don’t wanna wait then take a break and come back. I’ve done this several times and this game does not get old or do I get impatient.

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    How about fuck the community and continue making an awesome game? you’ll end up killing it if you let such a toxic community affect development. Gamers game, Developers develope (and game).

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    I think it’s a great idea. Very interesting to have a closer look at the behind the scenes of any development team. There is much to learn.

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    1st place 4 the
    longest ALPHA game ever
    your gona get Oscar or NObel
    GIVE US 0.60 pls

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      I am laughing and crying at the same time! Because of all the nonsense i read in this comment section.

      (Paragraphs!! dude..)

      I mean waow!! We do live amongst the gods because you guys clearly know it all.

      Yes, dayz has great potential but after so many hours of playing the game I got bored from it. The negatives add up more than the positives and I am sure .60 isn’t going to be a lifesaver.

      Also for those who compare h1z1 to dayz… mehhehehehe, biggest LAL to you! Or for those telling dayz gets the 1st price of longest taking alpha game. look at PZ you fuckboi.. PZ = project zomboid btw but cleary as a god you must already know that!

      PS: Ever been in a real forest? (No, not google pictures) Now have a look at the dayz forests! hmmm lol?

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    we have been waiting almost five months, guys we have been waiting almost HALF A YEAR FOR ONE DAYZ PATCH.

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    Oh So its going to be another month in till 0.60 good to know………..They get shit all done.