Brian Hicks Creative Director 3 years ago

Heads up everyone – I just want to get ahead of the E3 hype train and derail it straight away.

Just so everyone that participates in the development of DayZ is aware – Our presence at E3 will be limited, but what presence there is – will *not* be new information for those active folks.

E3 is primarily a media/retail show, and the small presence we will have there will be discussing what most of you already know – that we’re getting ready to move 0.60 from Experimental to Stable (as soon as the blocking issues are resolved) and exactly what 0.60 is (Direct X 11 Enfusion Renderer, Economy Updates, Reload Mechanics changes). We’re aiming to hit those who might have taken a break and not checked back with the information regarding 0.60, and hoping they’ll take another look so we can see any other potential issues caused by the new tech changes.

No console news either – Console platforms will come – when the primary platform for DayZ (PC) is stabilized, and those platforms are ready.

That said – I know the Arma team will also be at the PC Gaming conference with us – I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves 🙂

That said, I hope you’re all as excited as we are for 0.60 Stable!


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