ApexDayZ Fresh Spawn 5 months ago

by far one of the best community servers for the EU/UK player-base.

We’ve spent the last month adding hundreds of custom items to our custom mod-pack, adding vast amounts of depth to our server. Among the additions to our server are the following:
– New base building items
– New Storage items
– Custom map locations & Traders
– New weapon variants/camos

We’d love to see you join us on the discord: Discord.me/apexz
Or if you prefer, you can find us on DZSALauncher by filtering for: Apex

Thanks for reading!


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    Very poor, narcissistic server. By far #1 most unreliable server/

    Spent a good couple hours on this server today (17/03/2019), really enjoyed myself at the beginning. Even proudly considered donating a few hundred pounds to the server.
    Then things began to take a turn for the worst.
    – Server crashed more than 8 times in <2 hours.
    – EU based server with more that 600 ping at some peaks. Not my connection.
    – Gave staff criticism on their discord regarding their server.
    – Got banned for giving the cristicim because everyone seemed to be agreeing with me (They didn't like that very much.
    – Bright as a dead light bulb staff. No order was in place. Even saw a staff member engaging with rule breaking (Disrespectful and toxic language @ Danielle).

    Down-voted this server. 100% wouldn't recommend to anybody. Veteran nor fresh players.

    – OxRaven62 (Combine Empire).

  • Hello dear admin I would like to speak to a admin because I just get perma ban by a admin for no valable, I was on the coast and killed an admin ,then a other admin told me I was “streamsniping” this admin ,I can t beleve i get ban without proof it was almost instant ,i swear i wasn t i dont even know what streamsnipping mean before …I hope have a answer quik because i love so much this serveur and be banned for no valuable reason is not right (sorry if my english is bad )

  • Game is awful, but I was enjoying the server even though multiple things fail to work as advertised. Last straw was being killed by a floaty torso man that was unarmed yet shot me to death with neither a gun nor any bloody arms….avoid

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    At first I thought I had to disagree with the guy below, but he’s actually right. I got banned after complaining for a guy who stole me and my friends loot from our car: after discussing the matter for nothing more than 5 minutes on the support channel on discord, I got banned because of my “bad attitude”, and I magically became the problem instead of people ruining ingame (inserver) experience. Immature staff leading to immature community, if they can ban and/or kick you instead of helping you, they do that, because it’s easier and faster. Don’t make my mistake and find a healthier community on DayZ!

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    Have to disagree with the above. ^^

    I’ve been with the server since its pre-release so I watched it grow and seen the support and hard work the staff put into to making this server #1. I’ve seen the community engaging with each other through the discord, and even in-game. It’s easy to squad up if you’re running solo, loot is reasonable and the traders don’t rip you off. The server does have restarts often, most times due to the developers implementing new updates (which are regular and decided by the community). Server connections are good within the EU even with 100 players. There are 100’s of players who connect over seas from the US without issues.

    Overall, the DayZ Apex community is growing rapidly and yeah there are obviously complications which come with that. The server and staff are adapting to this change fast to accommodate these new players. With exciting updates to come, its no wonder DayZ Apex is as popular as it is. The large support team are always on hand to help with problems and are quick to identify toxic players.

    Whether you’re an old school arma 2 veteran or a DayZ Standalone fresh spawn. DayZ Apex is the perfect place to start an awesome DayZ adventure.

    100% up this server – Keep up the good work!