So at the Tisy radar site there is a map on the wall that shows how big the map can get IF it wants. When looking at the map we see a big black star way off to the left .. thinking there is no way all of the map is really here i picked up a small amount of food and water and made a run for it. It did not take long at all to see the cost is the same as the pic that i put on my phone to look at when needed from time to time and by looking at the sun and moon started to make my way there

I did this for about 2.5 hrs intell i ran out of food and i all most made it or past where the star really was as my battery on my phone died  so after i got it back up and been running for along time doing so i was not 100% sure where i was. But i know i made it past moschnyi. there where 2 times where passing where a town would be if added in i got some really bad lag so some thing could be there and just need to run inland to see it. So we have to ask are self .. why is all of the map there and how big is this going to get ..

With a map that big there is no need for many severs as we can all fit on 1 map and car and planes would help to get around. I want to try to make a new run that way with more food and water .. maybe even a gas can in my hands for water . so any 1 else want to come. I am sure if some 1 was on EX they could jump in a car and find out really fast how deep this goes.