Server One – US: Roleplay

Server Two – EU: PvP/Roleplay (Opens 2nd April 2016 with a King of the Hill event)

Greetings survivors! Do you want to play DayZ in a friendly whitelisted community? Do you want to feel the true fear that you would experience in an apocalypse? Yes?….Well then Aftermath DayZRP is the server for you!

Aftermath DayZRP is a new whitelisted roleplay community which offers both an EU and US server to its members. Not just the ‘normal’ kind of roleplay servers through! Server one will be a purely roleplay server but server two (which will launches on 2nd April) will be a roleplay server with a twist, there will be PvP zones!

For our second server we have implemented a map which shows the PvP zones. Survivors will feel the true fear of fellow survivors, experience the fear of killing that one zombie that is lurking nearby in case a survivor sees them whilst being in a roleplay environment.

Ever spent days making a ghillie suit on a roleplay server or finally found an awesome weapon to defend yourself with but then discovered you have no need for it? Well now you do!

So what does Aftermath DayZRP have to offer?

  • Private whitelisted servers
  • 2 weekly events
  • Active & friendly community
  • No KoS
  • Support for new streamers
  • Friendly community
  • Hacker free environment
  • Official roleplay hub
  • EU & US server
  • Purely roleplay server
  • Roleplay & PvP server all in one

Want to stream? Go for it! Aftermath can provide you with an awesome overlay and some wicked artwork for your twitch buttons! Not only that, if you let a member of staff know when you are going live we will put it on facebook, twitter, host you on our official Aftermath twitch channel and put your channel on our homepage!

Every two weeks Aftermath hold server events for our members. With the help of having two servers Aftermath offers both roleplay and PvP events, some of which contribute to the server lore, some are purely out of character and there for the members to have fun, meet new people and win an awesome prize!

Server two will be launching just as server one did, with a huge event with an awesome prize for the winner! What’s the event? It will be a ‘King of the Hill’ event held on Skalisty Island. There will be more events like this to come and we are very much looking forward to them!

So how do I join?

Joining is simple! All you have to do is the following:

Go to our website and create an account – AFTERMATH HOME PAGE
Read our server rules and server lore
Click the ‘Join Here’ button at the top of the page to complete a quick and simple application.

Whitelisting takes between 30 minutes and 9 hours dependant on the time of day. Once your application has been approved you will be instantly whitelisted and able to play on the server straight away!

More information on the application process can be found HERE