Every month Aftermath holds one big roleplay event for all of its whitelisted members.  We will be kick starting September by going back in time to the start of the outbreak on prison island aka Devil’s Enclave.  This event will be held on Saturday 3rd September and is open to our whitelisted members only, you can find more information on the event and community by VISITING OUR WEBSITE

The Event:

Located on a small island just off the coast of Chernarus was a prison.  Due to it homing those who were considered high risk and a danger to society, the majority of which were either awaiting death by fellow inmates, guards or capital punishment, was nicked ‘Devils Enclave.’

The time is 12.40, the prisoners are finishing up their lunch when a warning comes through the loudspeakers.

Assuming there was the start of a riot in another block the guards rounded up the prisoners and escorted them to their cells.  Just as the final cell door is closed another warning comes through the loudspeakers, this one is more formal than the last and one that none of the guards or prisoners had heard before and one that they would never expect.  An emergency evacuation of the island is being called for, all prisoners are to be escorted to the court yard and await further instructions.

Immediate evacuation meant less guards were available, confused by the situation and only a few of the prisoners were restrained.