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Hello survivors! When it comes to the world of our DayZ community, we’ve always questioned the gesture of being a benefactor towards the game’s performance and how we will impact the outcome for the beta/fully completed game. Lately, the development goals have been lacking as of compensating with the current issues of gameplay. With the latest installment of .60 and the new Enfusion renderer, we’ve been supplied a lot of new resources to engage ourselves with new pvp avenues and environmental changes, providing a unique atmosphere to combat potential. With all that being said, the community still continues to struggle with the unfair capabilities of hackers, and wall-glitchers. Now, this list could continue to designate opinionated outlooks and frustration (which is generally engaged with varying levels of toxicity towards the community/development team) but this is not the purpose of this petition.

The main subject pertaining to this discussion thread is to promote an environment of “fair-play” users. With that said, here are some underlying issues with the current state-of-playability:

. Wall-glitchers are becoming an increasing threat to public domain servers

. Hackers are engaging in the same common theme of disturbance with use of raycast elements, physics collision removal, napalm explosions (the list goes on…)

. Physical character models being tampered with intentionally (via swimming through land)

Now, with all this being addressed, the biggest question for the community is: what can we do about it? Better yet, what can the developers do about this?

For a developer, the role of designing and integrating new components, vectors, and priority commands to implement new gameplay roadmaps is always the first within a project. With DayZ’s current state-of-development however, a continuous plethora of problems ensue, and these problematic designs are always welcomed to challenge the communities abilities to break the game to implement fixes. The very first thing that comes up amongst anything else when starting DayZ is:

“Thank you for participating in the DayZ Early Access! This game is in Alpha, and will be so for some time! This means you will experience bugs, unfinished features, problematic design decisions, and many more things that disrupt your game experience! We will be working with the community to fix these, to help us please visit dayzgame.com for development information.

Above all, please remember this game is not finished, and is a work in progress.”

“I Understand”

Simply put, This petition is to advocate resources and tools for administrators of servers, server-owners, and for the betterment of the community, to enact authoritative pressures upon foul-play users. Some examples for advanced resources for admins could include:

. XYZ locationing teleportation commands, to locate cheating amidst the map of Chernarus (no-clip tools)

. invincibility with a catch: admins cannot kill or tamper with the performance of fair-play individuals.

. designating a “referee” system to allow administrators to deal with this toxic behaviour.

I know to the fullest extent the position I am placing myself into, but I do this because I seek to maintain the integrity as an outside source from the development team, provided with the “tools” the development team/server’s have granted us so far. This post will more than likely be met with scrutiny, or met with positivity, either way, it is time to promote an environment of change to playability status, development status, and community status as a whole.

With 3 years, 6 months later here in present-day time, I believe the time has come to grant those permissions to admins, because if a hacker is able to allocate his own time to find himself the resources to cheat, then what stops a developer from providing that same amount of time to grant admins and server owners the same provisions to promote fair-play?

For all those interested in this subject matter, please comment below whether you believe this is a primary requirement for the development team to consider! Goodluck!


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    Hey ezvy, I love your post a lot, would like to talk to you one day personally. I love this game a lot, I mean I put almost 5200 in this standalone and I am not planning on stopping there. I too see many problems caused by bad players
    1 Hackers
    2 Wall glitchers
    3 Ghosters
    4 Wall bangers (running 1st person view shooting through a wall)
    5 Wi-Fi ghosting, My own term where cheaters manipulate their internet connection to grant them 20 odd seconds of free roaming to ghost in on you, then punch you out or shoot you,
    And the list grows with ground swimmers, combat loggers etc
    I would not mind them to actually grab a hold of a few hackers, Ban them so they see the Devs mean business, and also for the Devs to display the hackers names to the public as well as known cheats so people know what to look for and report them, maybe some humiliation as a form of zero tolerance policy shown towards them.

    Video recordings of DayZ skyrocketed the past months, from kill montages to stories to evidence of hacker violations and many more. Why not add the ability for those who can not use 3rd party recorders and shadow play, by adding a very light weight video recorder to capture the last 5 minutes of game play as to get proof on these said hackers.
    Some genius out there could make a link of the recording to the ID of the server and time of said incidents, linking them to the hacker by their GUID’s or whatever. They could follow dupers actions for constantly restarting servers etc too. I mean Microsoft and Google are actually spying on everyone right of this moment with their windows 10 op system (even if they deny it-it is true), so how hard could it be.
    In steam if someone has a VAC ban you can get more info, but they display zero of why and what that guy or girl did, display to all the real fault and where and what game he cheated on.

    In the past few months I have lost tons of friends who have abandoned DayZ because of the hacker and glitcher crisis that take over the scene every few months after a patch was released. These guys are the word of mouth for Bohemia, if an affected person who was hit by a hacker was to say something about DayZ it would be bad, very bad as they will say it is a shit hacker proned game, stay away, go play ark or some other shit, do not waste your money on DayZ. I have met them and I struggle to convince them about the wonder of what DayZ is to me still.
    Bohemia will find themselves also one asking why are the sales going down. Maybe they should employ full time hacker busters who work just to root out those problems
    I don’t know really, just some of my ideas.