Synthesis: Similar system to that on Dark Souls, where you have weapons that can be used in one hand or in two. Each hand would be treated as a single space to hold an object.

The main point of this mechanism would be to make the interaction with the items in your hands more dynamic and varied. Allow the player to shoot the enemies while dragging the body of his friend. Ability to combine items to dynamize gameplay (Ex: Carry a pistol in one hand and a flashlight in another hand allows you to use both simultaneously).

Central Logic:

Two small items in hands = able to shoot / attack / use both at once, or one after the other. Small reduction in movement speed during sprint

One large and one small item in hands = only the small one can be used (shoot / attack). Medium reduction in movement speed during sprint

Two large items in hands = unable to attack, defend and/or zoom. Great reduction in movement speed during sprint

Medium-sized items, if included, should be treated as small items, but with greater disadvantage in relation to them

1 – Be able to carry a pistol in only one hand and be able to perform activities like aim and shoot (still using only one hand).

2 – There must be a disadvantage when using a weapon in one hand, even if they are small guns. Ex: Pistols have most unstable aim and greatest recoil when being used in only one hand.

3 – Be able to carry a small weapon in each hand and still be able to shoot both at the same time. But unable to recharge without storing or putting one of the weapons on the ground. You also can not use the zoom option.

4 – The character is unable to block attacks when he has two items in hands, be they small or large (since that the game receives improvements in the combat system).

5 – Carry one item per hand (weapons, backpacks, tools, etc …). The weight, size, or limitations of the game’s balance must control which items can be used to attack when being used only in one hand. If the weapon is too heavy to be used with only one hand, the character must hold it with both hands automatically when the attack button is pressed.

6 – The character won’t be able to carry certain items with only one hand, due to limitations such as weight and size. Ex: Tires, tents, vehicle parts, etc …

7 – By default, all combat items and tools will use the two available spaces in the hands (Just as it is currently). The player must choose when to open another hand’s slot to another item, either by using an option in the inventory or by pressing a key for a period of time, such as the raise key for example.

8 – If the character is carrying a pistol in one hand and a flashlight in another, he should be able to use the flashlight and the pistol AT THE SAME TIME. The same should / may apply to other items such as knives.

9 – Items such as morphine and epinephrine injector can be used while the character holds a small weapon / tool. Ex: Look with a pistol for an entrance or exit while using epinephrine.

10 – Sawed guns and guns without butt stock can be used with only one hand, but presenting problems such as high recoil and low accuracy.


  • Sawed off Izh 18 Rifle
  • Sawed-off Mosin 9130
  • CZ61 Skorpion (only if the butt stock be retracted )
  • MP5-K (Only without butt stock)
  • Sawed-off IZH-43

What do you guys think?

Original post by me on DayZ forum:

I’m a brazilian player and I used Google Translate to do almost 90% of the translation. Sorry for any grammar mistake.