Including a new dynamic to dayz with bullets being affected by; wind, temperature, pressure, and many other factors I think should be in dayz.

-For example: Having to use advanced equipment to find an accurate reading to get that first shot to be close or to kill. In the arma 3 ace there is long process to find an accurate reading before you take a shot (

-Players would have to find the basic stuff being a rangefinder and maybe a wind meter if you’re lucky. I feel some things from real life should be left out of dayz as it wouldn’t be fun for some players. Other factors could be angle of incline, bullet drag, latitude, humidity.

-Adding some of these variables would change up dayz gameplay and you could tell the difference between a good sniper and a novice one. An endgame item would be to get your hands on rare sniping equipment to be that skilled sniper or maybe just for practice.

-And this would make dayz even more realistic and give players satisfaction when hitting a target and further make dayz the brutal post apocalyptic game it’s meant to be.


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    This sniping is far too advanced. Its definetly cool, but for a game like DayZ, it wont work well.

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    I agree with you, but I don’t believe it should be as hardcore as ACE made it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love ACE, but as realistic as DayZ should be, it should still have some arcade-ish elements to accommodate a broader player base. I disagree with Deadjuice here that making sniping harder is a bad idea if the game gets harder, both should get harder and players should be punished for making mistakes. When everything gets harder I want to see that “Every bullet counts” mentality and would definitely prefer people double guessing should they attack someone or not and how much is it worth it because at this point, you can get a sniper and snipe people (mostly freshspawns) in coastal cities because ammo is not “that” hard to find and there’s no real drawback here. Making the game harder would make the game better, that’s what I believe.

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      Thanks for the response I agree with making it harder to make it more of a challenge.
      But it should be somewhat arcady to be easier on newer players.
      There should be a learning curve to get to know and feel your gun and know your surroundings.
      Also the wind could be a new element to fight against as it curves your bullets past certain distances depending on what ammunition you are firing.
      And every bullet should count as the devs want it to be but dayz should have a sweet spot in between where its fun and challenging at the same time.