The Jackal Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Hey so dose anyone know why ACOG/RV1/M68 has stoped working ?

when .60 came out it worked fine on the mp5 , now you cannot see the crosshairs on Mp5 and FN FAL

anyone no if and when this will be fixed ? By the way the ACOG looks awesome on the FN FAL


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    Seriously, I spent a long time since the beginning 0.60 for find one FN-FAL with mag, ammo and one ACOG pristine. Much work for nothing…
    So for your question, why ACOG don’t working on MP5 and FN-FAL, choose your answer:
    -WIP (Work In Progress)
    -LMP (Last Minute Problem)
    -WIR (When It’s Ready)

    Enjoy 😉

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    I don’t think so dude when .60 first came out the ACOG was working the crosshairs were there and everything cause i used it on the mp5. but then there was a another small update patch and it stopped working i didn’t try it on the FN FAL back then cause i couldn’t find one. so im not shore about that. But a work in progress more like fix then broken again so none of your answers really apply. Its so F%#$@ depressing the acog has been broken since before .59 then finally it was working fine for maybe 1 to 2 weeks and now we are back at the beginning again. Yer i know im ranting but i feel compelled to say my piece to get it off my chest lol