Fraglrokt Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

I want to ask a few questions before I start

Do you Play Dayz on Arma 3?
Do you miss the Mod Days?
Do you Wish there was a Nice Mix between Arma and Standalone?
Have You tried Arma 3 Exile But dont like the:
Game breaking Traders, Sniper Tower Bases, and crazy Missions?

I know i might get some hate as the Server i’m Mentioning is an Arma 3 Server.
But Lets be honest if you are like me and you miss the, Driving around Chernarus in vehicles that actually work. or Sitting on the Roof of the Hospital in Elektro and camping town knowing there was a good chance you’d get sniped from the hill by a Lee Enfield. Maybe you miss Hiding your stuff in a small tent and that feeling of relief when no one could find it.

Either way I loved the Mod and I love Standalone but with Standalone’s lack of content currently and the want for more. I’ve come to search for servers that give that amazing old School Dayz Feel while adding in feel of Standalone.

The Sever Runs Exile stripped of all the Extras: No trader, No pop tabs, No Missions, No Bases.
The Server Is customized with Tons of military Checkpoints.
The Server is running Chernarus Redux the map with the best atmosphere I’ve seen.
The Zombies are based on sight, they don’t just walk straight to you.
You won’t Find Military weapons in a town.
Best of all the only thing you need is Arma 3 and A3launcher, no other DLC.

If you would like to join me on the server The info is below:

Use A3Launcher to download mods and connect.
Server Name: W-W Dayz Legacy


Server IP:

I’ve included a promo video link: