I’ve spent a long time building my bases and barrel goods will i lose them when 0.61 go live ??


  • yes. all characters and bases will be erased when .61 hits stable.

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    I think even the occasional experimental patches can wipe your guy. Never base build in experemental.

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    In experimental I already tested the longevity of placing items or stashing a barrel. It disappears very quickly. I just put a drum down on a good spot and returned maybe 15 minutes later to find it missing. Thousands of trees to chop down to find that barrel so I do not think it was found by someone by luck.
    Also found a pouch for a plate carrier and some good items at a chopper, I added them to pouch, dropped it in a good spot to have nothing in my hands to go loot the new base at Sosnovka. I dropped it for a minute or 3, found nothing good to add so I just ran back and poof my stuff was gone. Stuff really de spawn super fast in Experimental.
    Stable needs to be cleared for each new major patch release. It is fun anyways to start afresh every now and then because I feel one does things better then the last time. Maybe you were a little irritated about something you did, position of a tent or something so you go change it when you can rebuild. Experimental is also not a place to build stashes, it is for testing
    I killed a guy just attacking me in Cherno and when he died he just de sawned right in front of my eyes. He was uncon and at the moment death set in he disappeared like magic. Maybe I will upload that clip.

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    I would just use a barrel to keep a weapon or two/ ammo if you are carrying too much. Just so you have a little to go back to.