Neo Heli Hunter 3 years ago

this is me talking about dayz and things like the time it takes the devs to make a new fucking patch. first of all im a huge fan of the game, i also played the mod for a long time. so its not any hate or so even if it sounds that way 😀


btw english is not my native language so…

lets get to the point: it just takes to long until a new patch shows up. the new renderer and all the new dx11 technology is a big step in development, but it took them half a year to realize it (this was the time from 0.59 to 0.60, so it took them even longer). the thing is in status report they already announced the new dx11 tec last year to be released, but hey nothing was released, absolutely nothing. i know there is a high potential that some nasty bugs, issues and errors appear, but still you cant just release your stuff over half a year to late. or just dont announce it way too early and get all your players hyped and then just dont release anything.

whatever… it takes the devs to make a new patch (lately) about 3 to 4 months. that means 3 or 4 patches per year. that means it takes 10 years to reach 1.0 with 4 patches in one year. even if they manage to make 6 or 7 it still would take about 5 to 6 years. i know the team is small, but dayz was not just recently released. 10.01.2014 was the release of version 0.30. so we already have 0.60 in almost 3 years. but lately the patches all contain big important things and this ain´t change in the future as we are about to see new cars more weapons base building animation sound stuff and much more. the early few patches in dayz were mainly about new content as weapons and clothing, nothing spectacular. but now…

but to be honest i dont have a clue how to speed up development. the devs said a while ago, that they can´t expand the team cause nobody has enough knowledge about the engine so every newcomer would need a lot of time to get used to it. maybe even one or two years. maybe they can speed it up if they would release mod support so that players can add content and mechanics (e.g. base building like in epoch) and change the game itself. but i guess this only works in skyrim well 😀

but i´m slowly getting sick of this. there are no other games that come close to dayz concerning the surival feeling. everything else feels so casual and arcade like h1z1 or miscreated and additonally most of those games are also just alpha games with a lot of bugs and missing content. everytime they get a patch u get hyped and play for a few hours, but after you tried everything thats new you get bored again, same with dayz. base building is in my opinion the best reason to keep playing dayz, cause it´s so much fun to fill all you´re barrels tent and whatever up with weapons and equipment and get a massive wall and tower as protection or raid some other bases, u get what i mean.but dayz just gives you that special feeling when wandering through the wilderness of chernarus, from village to village and more. i think everyone that loves dayz as much as i do knows what i am talking about. it feels real and atmospheric (as a survival game, not as a zombie game, cause lets be honest you cant really tell ingame that there was a zombie apocalypse, except those few stupid infected roaming only the big cities. no blood no gore no destruction no dead bodies)


but then now in 0.60 cars are not persistent, wtf WTF. THIS PISSES ME SO FUCKING OFF. almost 3 months after release and they still couldnt fix it. this is some major bug here. same as the newest character reset thing that´s going on. im starting to think that the engine is total bullshit. but maybe im just getting inpatient.


none or the less, I NEED MORE STUFF TO DO… i mean things that keep you playing dayz. cause there is no real replacement for this game. dayz has been and always will be the one and only zombie zurvival game, it just misses the apocalypse feeling and things to do. it feels empty and dead.


  • i think it comes down to money … they have sold so many copys of the game its now all most a thing of working for free … we all .. all most own the game really look at the numbers so how much more money can they make

    as you start to eat tho all the money that came in work slows down

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    we are lucky that we get to play dayz , with all the griping, that they don’t take the game off line till they get it done.

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    btw im not saying the devs are lazy, they are hard working 😀

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    No Neo, did not say you said they are lazy or something alike, But many do think that and this form of argument will inspire many others to build on the momentum of such said words.

    If I could make a suggestion to for the Developers is to set all other little things (or big) aside for a little and release then a base building patch, I mean all the stuff they can, as people would be taken by it, keeping them busy for hours and even more busy than Lego Worlds would do for kids. Just get it to a working order with the current control system as they (Devs) use it the same way for testing and Bob’s your uncle. You get people of your back and everybody is happy for next 3-4 months patch wait, but that is just me thinking out loud now

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    You know, it will not help complaining. Rather wait for something good than something really shitty and bugged. I see it this way.
    There are two more MAJOR patch releases (only two as I see it anyways)
    1 New sound technology
    2 New player controller which was mentioned to help out later when helicopters and stuff arrive and give a less cluncky feel when playing.

    After that I believe it is just addons upon addons and constant BuG fixes. and the fact that we see so many new clips and previews of new equipment, vehicles and base building is proof that it is currently complete and or in progress of nearing completion. Let them tweak their sounds and their controllers rather than you and who else come back and complain about a broken game. Most addons will be simply added when the controller is done, like base building or for when the chopper ‘s makes an entrance. I already dislike it when you roll a car and get out and your character pops out like a stick figure, but I know there are new player physics coming and I am willing to wait as I think they release those things when the time is right and ready.
    Many complain the Devs are lazy, but they definitely do have people working on the major stuff while other developers make these nice models we play with, meaning while you whine about the patch release others are hard at work creating new items and gear in the background and then when this patch gets released it will be advertised maybe for the future.
    Just hold on because like I always say to my friends, good things are coming and it will be fantastic.
    Why I also think right now there is not too much focus on BuG fixing is that you maybe fix one thing and break another, so maybe they can fix everything now and when new stuff gets released all the old stuff start to malfunction again
    All will come in good timing my friend, just wait a little.