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Hello everyone,

Today in the morning I started to create a inventory concept for dayz based on 0.60 inventory with new ideas.

1. To show own player name in Inventory.

2. To be a overview of character and a statistic page about character like the plans in menu. (survivers killed, zombies killed, deaths, etc..)

3. Small protector case, ammo box, first aid kit can be access directly from inventory. like in the picture in backpack.

4. To have a limited weight to care on you. like in the picture on the right.

The skull right on name have more meanings, for example if you are bleeding, the skull is there.. of if you don’t have enough blood and your close to die..


what do you think about this ? 😀


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    I did some changes again on this concept.

    Like on 0.60 exp, the character don’t have a background so I removed it, you can see better when you have the inventory open.

    The Main items (backpack, weapon, vest, jacket and all with slots are now smaller) to fit more content when you open the inventory so you don’t have to scroll alot.

    The object with the hidden slots have now a lighter background.

    Now Vicinity, equipment player (dead bodys) and infected (dead) are separated. The scrollbar is on the right.

    Bullets and items that they are in packs will have the number showed in a white circle (like 0.60 inventory).

    I’m stil not happy with the player status (bleeding, energized, thirsty), i will work on it.

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    It’s looks very cool! Own player name in inventory i think is not good, unless it’s able to turn on/off. Streamers don’t want to show their name.

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    Overview/stats and direct container access are a nice idea!
    Gui looks cool!

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    sounds good !! great job AldinK and the small protector showing what’s inside is a awsome idea !

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    Thank you guys, sinteR your right with the name, I removed it!. Here is a small update

    The case will work like this, you have your case in your inventory, right click on it, clicking “show content” and then the items will be showed, in open modus you can’t move your case so you can click the “back button” on the right also if you close your inventory the case will be closed and you will have to open it again.

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      This concept is nice, good job. But for the sake of the realism angle the devs are going for I think it’s better that one should have to remove a case or other container from their inventory (or backpack) to be able to look at its contents. After all, irl we cant use xray vision to see what’s inside of a container that is in another container. It wouldn’t make sense to take away that part of the realism. As a matter a fact, I believe players should have to take off their backpack in order to access it or have a friend access it while the player wears it. They already said that DayZ is supposed to be a difficult game to survive in so making it easier to complete actions such as these just defeats the purpose. At least let us access a case that is in our hands and not have to put it on the ground. That’s about as easy as it should get. I’m all for a super realism DayZ. It just makes the game that much more fun and intense.