Hello,I think everybody should mentioned that loot amount in 0.60 is very low and more survivalist aaaaaand more realstic…I remember I was always fully fed and watered on 0.59 and it was somehow…it was more like cs or cod where u don’t need to worry about your weapon,ammo,food,etc.there was very amount of weapons…there was always atleast 2-3 weapons at every police station…but now,on 0.60 u can find nothing at police stations except if you are lucky to find one weapon…hunting is now more needed because there isn’t much food…from now on your character will experience hunger and thirst and on the other word,a real survivalist situation…I’m new and dunno if admins on private shards when 0.60 hit stable can raise the amount of loot…but I hope that they can’t do this…cause dayz is now DAYZ…amount of current loot needs to remain in order to DayZ remain DayZ otherwise it will again change to action game like before…


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    There really isn’t any less loot compared to 0.59 at all. It’s just that much of the loot is inside of other objects (clothing, etc). I really have not had an issue finding anything food wise ingame. You just have to make sure you check every piece of loot you come across that has item slots in it, as there is a good chance of there being items inside of that piece.

    And, as being how popular the exp branch is atm, I’m sure much of the coastal towns, or towns close to any of the spawn areas are going to be slim picking for loot. You’ll definitely need to venture inland and/or go north. You’ll find some gear/food without too much of a problem.

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    for my part, i didnt struggle finding loot at all. in military areas there is now much more BETTER loot than in 0.59. and in police stations i always find at least one gun. how long have you been playing 0.60? i played for about 30 hours. i started 4 times and I always found easily the stuff that I needed.

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    that police stations are empty is not good, Police stations are made into the game to hold weapons and other mediumr rare loot.

    i think its a problem they had in 0.60 where loot is not always sowin or its empty becuse everyone been in the policestations already looted everything.

    Havnt been able to find sks or plate carrier in 0.60 neither. thhe hangars dont rly spawn right amount of loot neither so.