Church Take Over (DayZ standalone)

kluch31 4 years ago

Church Take Over (DayZ standalone) Sorry I havent uploaded any videos in a while I been super busy. I am going to start uploading more videos more often since things have slowed down for ...

Sniping Adventures (DayZ Standalone)

kluch31 4 years ago

Sniping Adventures (DayZ Standalone) Hey guys here is another video hope you enjoy.Make sure to check out my friends as

DayZ Kills

kluch31 2 years ago

DayZ Kills OK everyone I know its been forever since I upoaded last but I'm back. Here is a short video of me and my friends getting some kills.Music Source: L...

Cherno Montage of Kills ( DayZ standalone)

kluch31 3 years ago

Cherno Montage of Kills ( DayZ standalone) OK everyone I'm back with a quick video of me getting kills in different spots in Cherno. Well there will be more videos coming soon thanks for watching.

Sporter Action (DayZ standalone)

kluch31 4 years ago

Sporter Action (DayZ standalone) Another quick video in electro with my good friend TonyV just owning a couple dudes with a sporter.