DayZ Standalone – Gas Station Roulette

DigitalPrimeHD 5 years ago

DayZ Standalone – Gas Station Roulette Gas Station Roulette

The Red Golf

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

The Red Golf Something is not quiet right with this Golf. I'm suspicious

Squad Vs Squad

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Squad Vs Squad We come across a squad of three

Taviana Massacre

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Taviana Massacre Hold down a town

Breaking Point – Out Flanked

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Breaking Point – Out Flanked We decide to go to NEA after finding weapons hidden in tents. (previous video) We see zombies in odd locations and decide to flank that Area.http://w...

Breaking Point – Jackpot

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Breaking Point – Jackpot We search the unknown on our way to NEA, We hit the jackpot, or is it really?

Lee Enfield Ranged Shot

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Lee Enfield Ranged Shot While waiting in cherno for a squad member, we decided to practice shooting with the local inhabitants. I'm not the greatest at long range shooting. But...

Sniper – Rules of Engagement

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Sniper – Rules of Engagement We get fired upon while on out way to Stary. (Breaking Point)Please like and Subscribe, Also follow me on twitch, I stream every night http://www.twit...

Blind Fire with Oshi7

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Blind Fire with Oshi7 Oshi kindly asked some of his supporters to fill in spots for some gameplay. I got picked.

Taser Fail : Click click

DigitalPrimeHD 6 years ago

Taser Fail : Click click A fresh spawn tries his luck with a taser. I'm not a fan of killing Fresh spawns, But, that click click changed my mind -