dayztv-2-millions-hits-blog“Wow!” that was my first reaction when I saw this statistics. 2 million hits per month, now things got real. I couldn’t resist to remember the good old time when the website came out, back in december 2012. It was just a simple project that answer a personal need: “It would be cool to have a dedicated website to watch all cool DayZ videos in one place”. I remember thinking about that aboard a Vodnik on DayZ Mod Taviana with some buddies. We were just rolling around looking for players and discussing about the latest funny DayZ video we saw.

Within the next week the first iteration of DayzTV came out, me and my friends shared and commented few videos. It was a very basic, but yet working, version of the website. Since then, many new features and functions were added: from the “z” mini-game to the Shared Squad Map or the popularity/karma algorythm. The database has grown pretty quickly, more and more users join us everyday with a plethora of videos and images. We’ve reached the 10K videos milestone and many active members now participate to the website’s life every day.

During its development, DayzTV came across some success stories like the streamer “xSmak” which was my first Twitch partner or “Septic Falcon”, one of my closest partner for video production. There were also some mishaps, as always. For example the DDoS attack we had to face during three days. I always believed that was a good signal to know if a project becomes *really* popular. But the greatest reward for me is to simply see so many people enjoying it.

To manage this huge amount of traffic, I’ve also come accross some new challenges. First I had to upgrade the infrastucture to support all daily queries. Adapt website’s usability to make crucial informations more visible and natural, but also taking care of spammers. There is still much work to do of course, but the website now reach most of my personal expectations in term of quality, interactions & possibilities.

It becomes pretty obvious than we need an internal blog to discuss about what’s going on and what’s coming next. So here we are, DayzTV becomes the second unofficial DayZ community (behind the great Reddit) and I’m still very happy to spend all my personal time on it. More than ever.

Thank you all for your support and see you in the next blog post!